Raistlin Majere

shrouded character


raistlin_majere_by_ruacharl-d595ega.jpgClocked in a dark robes of the Nuitari, Raistlin golden skin gleams in the light. though human his past is written in his vary flesh with the unnatural white hair that he keeps long and unkempt. he is slight of build and sickly looking as if a small sneeze would cause him to break in half. his voice raspy and enchanting though he speaks little. when he does speak he is arrogant, sarcastic as well as bitter he feels like an outsider made worse by his hour glass eyes that shine with an amber glow.
he carries a large staff and a spell book, though he has little use of the spell book having memorized most of the spells with in.
Raistlen has a soft spot for people who are bullied like he was growing up.
he Pays all debts
he is Ruthless and vary intelligent


Son of a witch and a lumber jack, Raistlin took after his mother with his afinity for spells and magic. he is the brother to Caramon Majere, half-brother to his protective sister Kitiara uth Matar. both see their brother as not able to do any wrong and quote “being too sickly to do much harm to anyone”

Raistlin is a worshiper of the black moon also called the Nutari since he thru off the red robs of neutrality in his youth. joining the nutari caused his already failling health to decline even more and he drinks a special potion to keep his strength up.

Raistlin Majere

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